Tempting Lady Luck On Board a Cruise Ship – beat the casino slot machines

Las Vegas at sea? Today’s cruise ships host a variety of gaming options ranging from games for first timers to high stakes gambling tables for more seasoned players. Most of the medium to large ships offer Blackjack, countless slot machines, Caribbean stud poker, Roulette and craps.Casino size and choice of games ranges from basic to large and lavish Vegas style casinos. It is important to know that while ships are permitted to open their casino in international waters, they are closed while in port.If gaming is a particularly important part of your cruise, keep in mind that on some itineraries such as Bermuda, where you dock for several days, gaming time is limited. Also, note that due to Hawaii laws, there are no casinos on NCL America ships based there, including Pride of Aloha, Pride of America and Pride of Hawaii. Similarly, casinos can stay open when cruising Alaska’s Inside Passage unless they are within three miles of a port.TournamentsTournaments continue to gain popularity on most cruise ships with larger casinos. Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal, NCL and Princess are among those that feature slot and blackjack tournaments.In the last several years the growing popularity of Texas Hold-em Poker has induced some of the lines to add live poker tables and conduct “no-limit” gambling tournaments one or more times during the cruise. And last year, the finals of the World Poker Tournament were held on board a Holland America ship.Princess Cruises recently added automated Poker Pro tables to some of its ships. And don’t forget about Bingo which is making a comeback due to new games and higher jackpots.Special PromotionsIf you enjoy gaming, ask your cruise specialist to research any upcoming promotions or gambling tournament that may be of interest to you. And when you get on board, be sure to introduce yourself to the casino floor manager to get an update on casino happenings on your particular cruise.Alas, the “free” drinks of Las Vegas are not a tradition on board cruise ships but the pit bosses CAN buy you the occasional beverage if you are spending a lot of time (or money) trying to beat Lady Luck. For information on upcoming gaming cruises, check out CruiseJungle community boards.Players ClubsThe Ocean Players Club, is operated by Carnival Corporation on the ships of the World’s Leading Cruise Lines consisting primarily of Carnival Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises, Holland America, Costa Cruises, Cunard and Seabourn. Membership in the Ocean Players Club is free and enrollment is coordinated on board with the casino host.This club has something for everyone,regardless of the playing level. There are awards for playing the slots and adjustable betting limits for the high rollers. Players can earn points used for free gifts, discounts on onboard services, complimentary beverages and discounts on future cruises.Celebrity Cruises has something for novice gamers and high-rolling enthusiasts alike. In addition to standard games, such as blackjack, American roulette, Caribbean stud poker, three-card poker, craps, Texas hold ‘em plus video and slot machines, the line also holds black blackjack, poker and slot tournaments on each voyage.In fact, Celebrity has its own VIP player program called the “Blue Chip Club” for certain guests who qualify. They can earn points, which translate into rebates on future cruises and at various onboard areas. Each voyage also features bingo, where you can compete for money and prizes.

Finally Uncovered – The Truth About Fruit Machine Refill Keys – Fruit Machine Codes and Manipulators – beat the casino slot machines

As if there aren’t enough fruit machine cheats around, up surfaces another form of cheating. This time it has to do with fruit machine refill keys.First of all a fruit machine key allows you gather information about that particular machine you are using it on. This is information that is apparently not public knowledge without the key. Naturally the owners of the fruit machine don’t want you to be privy to this type of information. They are always on the lookout for fruit machine cheats.With the key you can actually see how much money is in the hopper, which of course gives you a big advantage. By knowing how much money is in there, you will know if the machine is close to paying out. It will also tell you how much money the last player won. This is all according to what the key sellers claim.The opportunity to buy these keys flows freely on the internet, and Ebay. Apparently some of these keys will not do as they are promoted to do. For example some of them supposedly give free pool games. Critics of this promotion say it can’t because the locks on pool tables are different than those on fruit machines.Some key promoters will tell you that by using their keys you will have a definite advantage over the other fruit machine players. First of all they won’t tell you when the best time to play is, or how much you will win or for that matter any other useful information. So what if it tells that the hopper is empty. These fruit machines could very easily pay out the jackpot whether the hopper is full or not. Fruit machine cheats really don’t have the edge that they think they have. If fact if they purchase these keys they may very well be the ones being cheated. I guess the saying that there is no honor amongst thieves can be quite true.A avid professional fruit machine player stands to lose more than he may win by utilizing a key. Simply because if he gets caught doing so then he will most likely be barred from the establishment. So any chance of playing that particular machine is pretty much nil.If an individual tries to entice you to buy a key touting that it is a new or different, you would be better off to ignore the offer. The only real use of these keys is to allow the machine to go into refill mode and even allows you to adjust the volume.Fruit machine cheats are easy prey for the individuals that are selling these keys. After all they will go to great lengths to beat these machines. It is almost comical and ironic that they are the receiving end of the stick when it comes to be cheated. In this case we would have to say that fruit machine cheats are getting what they deserve. It allows them to feel a bit of what the fruit machine owner feels when he discovers he has been cheated.